The River User Groups (RUGs) were setup to provide a forum to discuss and resolve issues affecting river activities. The meetings are a stimulating forum for discussion, clarification and resolution of difficulties. This website provides a way to share and communicate the debates and the decisions made in public meetings. RUG Tidal covers the stretch between Teddington and the North Sea.

There are a few 'river groups' and websites which offer information, however RUG Tidal is different, it is made up of marine engineers, boat builders, mooring and dock owners, freight operators, sports associations, houseboat owners and many more organations which provide the 'day to day' activities on the Tideway. In other words a strong trade association operating facilities and actively working to improve future use and amenity of the Tidal Thames.

The RUGs are long established working groups which meet about 4 times a year and whilst not 'open-house', the RUGs are keen to welcome new members with experience in using the river. The membership is open to all users including anglers, rowers, sailors, canoeists, motor boat users, walkers, in fact anyone who lives, works or enjoys the Tidal River Thames.

Although RUG Tidal has always concentrated on the Tidal Thames, to meet the aspirations of all our members and to recognise the importance of the canals and tributaries of the Thames, it is the intension of RUG Tidal to cover the entire waterways of London and beyond to ensure a holistic approach to waterways management.

The RUGs really do make a difference because they bring together people with many different interests along the reaches which they cover, and know intimately. Issues are identified and solved through discussion with other groups and Environment Agency, Port of London Authority and Local goverment staff.

The RUGs are funded through membership and sponsorship, the funds are used to cover the cost of the public meetings, research, administration and this website, which has been created to help communication and consultation outside meetings.




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