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Central to the management of the Tidal Thames are the policies in the London Plan contained in the section titled the Blue Ribbon Network (BRN). Policy 4C.6 of the London Plan sets a framework for Sustainable growth priorities for the River Thames in London. It states the uses of the Blue Ribbon Network and land alongside should be prioritized in favour of those uses that specifically require a waterside location. These uses include water transport, leisure, recreation, wharfs and flood defences.

Alterations to the London Plan have recommended this could be achieved by Boroughs, the Mayor and other stakeholders carrying out appraisals of the River and its environs. These appraisals should identify important riverside sites and determine the river related expectations for them. Stakeholders and River Users, because of their role on the River, must play a crucial part in identifying these needs.

The protection of the Thames as a natural resource is essential, because a good environment is good for all. RUG Tidal wishes to encourage uses and users of the River for all river related activities, to directly represent the interests of those of us who live, work, or enjoy the River for sport, recreation, leisure, tourism and the sense of space and freedom it gives. Protecting the economics, utility and amenity of the Tidal Thames is up to us.







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