RUG Tidal is the only independent representation committed and dedicated to the River Users and stakeholders themselves. The day to day operation, organisation and development of the Tideway is increasingly remote from the people who live, work and love the river.

Memebrship per year: Ordinary (for interseted individual) £20, User (for businesses, Clubs and organisations) £50, Corperate (for larger businesses and organisations) £350 and above.

Joining means donating to the future work of RUG.


1. To shape policy
2. To develop projects to improve the Tidal Thames infrastucture
3. To provide vital research to idenify sites and enabling developments
4. To provide support and advice on River user stakeholder initiatives
5. To produce a better River environment through integrated River management
6. To preserve and promote for the benefit of the nation the beauties and amenities of the Tidal Thames

Cheques should be made payable to the River User Group and sent to the following address,

River User Group - c/o River Thames Visitor Centre, Riverside, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 6UJ






By joining you will be,

  • Invited to meetings
  • Provided with agendas (via email)
  • Given details of activities
  • Offered consultations on proposals
  • Informed of development opportunities
  • Able to participate in research projects
  • Offered environmental and other advice for your needs
  • Included in the development of an integrated Tidal Thames Plan prioritising the uses of the Thames
  • Given access to development projects
  • Promoted as an organisation
  • Part of the Tidal Thames Conservation Team

We look forward to your membership.